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Red Hot Chilli Pepper Seeds, if you want red hot chilli pepper seeds, this is the place! We supply some of the hottest seeds available including (to name afew) Jamacian Red Hot, Birds Eye, Caribbean Red, Chi Chien, Datil, Desi Teekhi, Fatalii, Gambia, (Verified - 12/04/05)

Blue Kitchen
Award Winning, Quality Australian Chilli Sauces And Curry Pastes (Verified - 12/13/05)

Chili Pepper
The Chili Pepper Emporium was the first store dedicated to chile peppers and is still the largest with over 2,000 products to choose from including hot sauces, salsas, aprons, cookbooks, snacks, clothing, gift baskets and so much more! 1-800-288-9648 (Verified - 12/13/05)

Cosmic Chile
Shop online for hot sauce, salsa, spicy BBQ sauce and more. If it's fiery foods you're after...we've got it! Jamaican jerk sauce, too! (Unknown - 12/13/05)

Denzel's Gourmet Foods
Makers of high quality hot sauce and barbecue sauce. Located in Salmon Arm, BC Canada. (Verified - 12/13/05)

The name says it all. Here you will find everything you need to set your mouth (and other parts) on fire. From insanely hot to merely spicy. Come on in and look around! (Verified - 09/19/06)

Gunpowder Foods
Flavor with an ATTITUDE! (Verified - 12/08/05)
200,000+ recipes for lovers of food. Searchable database of local and International cuisines (2nd Pending 07-23-05) (Pending - 12/14/05)
We offer the biggest names in BBQ sauces, hot sauces, marinades and dry rubs. Gift Baskets in all prices and sizes. New barbecue items added regularly. Check out our products from Texas Best, Stubbs, Toad Sweat, Bone Suckin Sauce, Maurice's, Dave's Insanity Sauce, Wee Willy's, Big Bob Gibson, Gates, Southern Comfort, Jim Beam, Arthur Bryant, Stonewall Kitchen, Dave's, Dave's Gourmet, Blair's Death Sauce, Cajohn's, Mad Dog, Black Eyed Sallys, Corky's, Stickey Fingers, Jimmy O's, Open Pit BBQ Sauce and More ... (2nd Pending 07-20-05) (Pending - 12/14/05)

Jamaica Market Basket
Jamaican food store specializing in blue mountain coffee Ting, Walker\'s Wood and Grace products, jerk seasoning and spices and more delivered to your door. (Verified - 12/13/05)

The Basics About Spaghetti Sauce
Spaghetti sauce does not have to be plain at all. It can have all sorts of seasonings and sometimes the habanero in it to spice it up.

Looking For The Right Buffalo Wing Hot Sauce Recipe?
There are hundreds, some with the world's hottest pepper, the habanero,thousands of different buffalo wing hot sauce recipes from which you can choose.

Finding Different Chili Receipes
Different chili receipes exist because there are many different cultures within the United States that makes them.



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