Looking For The Winning Chili Recipe?


September 10, 2006

By: Rumilio Morales
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Looking For The Winning Chili Recipe?

You may be looking for a good chili recipe for your family. Or, you may be one of the hundreds of people looking to spice their tried and true methods with a prize-winning punch. There are many cook offs around the world that surround the best chili recipe. Do you have what it takes to make yours the best?

No matter why you are looking, you can find good quality chili recipes online. How do you tell a good one from a bad, though? Begin; always begin, with fresh meat, vegetables, and seasonings mix. Then, you can play with the spice and seasonings you want to add to it. For example, if you like it hot, do not use a standard chili mix. Instead, use actual Chile powder or even better, throw the whole pepper into the pot, that will spice things up. While hot is not all that matters, it is still good to provide a little bit of it. So, choose your pepper. You can choose from red hot peppers, cayenne peppers, jalapeņos, or the world's hottest pepper of all, the habanero! Which will you throw into the pot?

To find the right mix of flavor and heat, you will need to experiment with different levels of peppers and seasonings. No one-way is sure to win. Instead, those that hold true to the flavor of the meats will likely holding the winning chili recipe. It never hurts to try your luck at the cook off!

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