Chile Powder Is Not For Chili!


August 20, 2006

By: Rumilio Morales

Chile Powder Is Not For Chili!

Did you know there was a difference in Chile powder and chili powder? There is. While the both offer a great addition to foods, chili powder is for chili, a sauce with ground meat and beans. This type of powder is a mix of different seasonings that makes it easy to add the right mix to your chili. Chile powder on the other hand, is much more powerful. It is not a mix of seasonings. It is a pure form of a very powerful hot pepper. It makes foods hot!

Have you ever added this powder to your foods only to find that it packs a huge punch? That is because it is made from the cayenne pepper. The peppers are dried then ground up and sold as a seasoning, and it's a powerful one at that! Other peppers can be used in this same method, under the same name including the all mighty habanero pepper. There are several varieties of these peppers and any of the hot versions can be used in this form in your cooking.

When a recipe calls for red pepper, they are referring to this same seasoning. Chile can be the ground product of many types of hot peppers. Read the bottle, though, before using a lot of this potent ingredient in your cooking. It will pack a big punch with a small pinch. Of course, you could add this seasoning to your chili sauce, but watch out as it will add a lot of heat, fast!

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