Cajuns And Their Food!


July 23, 2006

By: Rumilio Morales

Cajuns And Their Food!

Cajuns are people that know good food. Their food choices used to be very limited in fact. They used what they had available to them though to create a spicy mix of some of the best hot peppers and seasoning that you will ever taste. By taking simple foods and adding colorful, peppers and spice seasoning to the mix, the Cajun culture were able to create a type of food that has spanned years and years. Now, people go to Louisiana specifically for their food!

Cajuns live in a specific area of Louisiana. They offer their own culture to the mix of the Untied States. Their food is quite unlike any other in the area. What makes it so hot? What makes their foods so good? It could be that many genuine Cajun foods come from centuries of tradition. They typically use a bunch of different seasoning but their favorite ways to spice up a dish include using cayenne peppers and even Tabasco. Typically, they will use the dried, ground versions of peppers but every now and then you will see that they also use whole hot peppers in their foods.

The culture of the Cajun is continuing to flourish. The area is like a country of its own with its own ethnic ways and foods. You will see that many of these food ideas have spread across the country and you can find restaurants dedicated to providing people with this type of food across the nation. You can add a little to your life by looking for Cajun seasoning and spice in dry forms that can be hot, available online. Perhaps you can create a little of their foods in your own home!

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