Do You Love Cajun?


July 09, 2006

By: Rumilio Morales

Do You Love Cajun?

For those who do not know what Cajun is, you will need to learn and do so fast. You are missing out on some spicy hot, tasty foods that will surely turn your head into a new world of flavor. It is the food that people of the area have grown up eating, not some fantastic, out of the ordinary thing. You will find that it is made of a variety of foods and seasoning that you will love.

Cajun is a type of cooking that incorporates some of the best of a culture. The culture and its foods come from an area in Louisiana. The foods are mainly flavored with a set of seasoning and hot peppers. Included in their favorite foods are the following spices. They include parsley, garlic, bay leaves and scallions. You will also find that spice is in their food. This comes from the addition of hot peppers like cayenne pepper and Tabasco. You will find that these add a huge amount of flavor a good amount of heat! Try pepper in that.

This type of cooking is based in part on the foods that were available in the area at the settling of the culture. It has developed, though into a huge market of foods and spices that are sold pre made throughout the world, peppers,hot ones. This love of heat and spice keeps the area in high demand for the cooking of its food. You can find premixed seasoning available online made from the freshest ingredients. Why not add a little spice or pepper to your food?

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