Seasoning To Use


May 21, 2006

By: Rumilio Morales

Seasoning To Use

Make a list right now of the seasonings in your cabinets. Do you have a wide variety to choose from? Do you use the same, tiny bottle of spice until is gone even if that takes years to do, how long has that poultry mix been there? Are you willing to try new flavors, maybe even add a new spice to the mix? Seasonings, are the perfect way to add life to your dull foods. Sure, you may add some black pepper or garlic to your food, but what about trying something new, let's add some, 'zing' like, peppers, habanero, or Chile powder, or maybe Cajun mix...yeah, something different.

First of all, when you have seasonings in your cabinet, there are a few things you need to remember. Just because they donít spoil that doesnít mean they donít go bad. After a while they lose their taste or even turn bitter. Purchase only what you need and will use within the good through dates on the package. Go to the online grocery store this week, check out all the spice options you have there. Peppers, habanero or Chile powder, Cajun, Mexican, poultry mix..everything. Why not try a little Cajun mix in your menu this week? You can add something simple like chile powder to the poultry seasoning to your chicken dinners to see the added flavor brought out.

If you are brave, try to work in a real seasoning mix like that you find in Chile powder. No, not the stuff for chili, the real Chile powder that is made from ground up cayenne or habanero peppers. The added heat will spice up your cooking quite a bit! Experimenting with these types of spices can make your menu interesting to say the least. So, make a list of those that you want to try this week! Add, powder habanero peppers to your seasonings. Your poultry dishes will pert up and can add a little jazz to your Cajun mix.

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